My Career as a Real Estate Sales Representative with Jeff Miller

My Career as a Real Estate Sales Representative with Jeff Miller

An Interview with a Real Estate Sales Representative

Jeff Miller,
Real Estate Sales Representative,
RE/MAX Affiliates Realty – BGM Team

Watch his Day in the Life video!

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Sales Representative

Jeff Miller comes from a customer service background working at a gas station and carwash in high school before moving on to construction and later to bartending. At the age of 23, he purchased some real estate and rented it out. It was that purchase that sparked his interest in real estate. He wanted to learn how the process worked so he decided to take the licensing courses from the Ontario Real Estate Board. Now he is a real estate sales representative working with two other REALTORS® in a small, client-oriented team in Ottawa.

In this interview, we’ve worked with Jeff to capture what his job is like and how he got to where he is today. If you are considering a career in real estate, this is a great resource to get an inside look at how one person is living that life. We also invite you to watch Jeff’s “Day in the Life” video for even more insight. Or head over to his partner Laurie’s interview for her perspective on working in real estate!

What is the simplest description of your job? My job is to find people homes and to help people sell their homes.

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Sales Representative

The Essentials

What are your main tasks?

My main tasks vary from day to day but may include some of the following:

  • Keeping in touch with clients to update them on the search for their next home
  • Organizing showings for buyers to see homes
  • Keeping up-to-date on the market such as recently added home or recently sold homes
  • Completing paperwork for various transactions
  • Creating and proofing marketing materials
  • Talking to new clients and introducing them to the process
  • Preparing homes for the market
  • Ensuring that closing conditions are met

What education is required for this position?

To become a REALTOR ®, you must have a high school diploma and complete a series of licensing courses through the Ontario Real Estate Board. There are no other requirements for becoming a real estate sales representative.

What skills are useful for the job?

To do this job, you have to be personable and organized. This career also has very little supervision, so if you are not self-motivated, it will not work out. However, two skills that really stand out are time management and diplomacy!

What are your work hours like?

There are a lot of them! This job takes as much time as you would like to give and the salary is directly proportional to the work hours you put in. Realistically, you never really stop working.

What is working in real estate like? Real estate is a very competitive market but most colleagues are also willing to help others succeed. REALTORS ® are a very giving group of people that are constantly donating their time and money to help others.

My Career as a Real Estate Sales Representative

Career Story

What is your story?

I come from a customer service background. I worked at a gas station and carwash in high school, then moved onto construction, then later to bartending. At 23 years old, I bought some real estate and rented it out. After going through the experience with that purchase, I wanted to learn more about how the process worked. I signed up for the licensing courses and now here I am as a real estate sales representative.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your career?

The biggest obstacle for me has always been time! This job doesn’t have a quitting time and I really enjoy what I do. That can be a dangerous combination!

What is your favourite task?

My favourite task is working with first time home buyers. It is very emotional for them and you really get the feeling that you are helping when it is their first home buying experience.

My life as a realtor with Jeff Miller

How will this career evolve?

Real estate careers change with the market. In the future, a real estate sales representative will have more to do with sorting through the market information rather than supplying it. Everything is online, but there is almost too much of it to make sense of.

No set hours + Enjoying the work = A potentially dangerous combination!

Career Advice

The best advice I ever received was from a manager who said: “Good or bad it is all my fault.” This business is tough but if you keep working at it, it becomes a great career.



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