Can your personality type tell you what career is for you?

Your personality type says a lot about you. From what personality traits you have to how you think and react in certain situations. However, the results of these tests cannot describe YOU. Nor can they tell you what your absolute, ideal career choice would be. As we have said before, you need to review and reflect on your personality type in order to get any meaningful guidance, career or otherwise, from them.

But do you even need a personality test to tell you what career to choose? No.

Can your personality type tell you what career is for you?

Your personality type can be used as a guide to what career suits your personality, but there are limits to what the results tell you. You need to take those results and give them a reality check. Take a look at your experiences in life, work and school. Think of your skills, abilities, weaknesses and limitations. Draw on your desires and passions. Only when you consider all of those things in addition to your personality type can you better choose a career.

All real estate agents are extroverts

Let’s take real estate agents as an example. People tend to think of real estate agents as extroverted and intuitive business people. Or that an agent is a people-person and always on the go.

Not all real estate agents are extroverted - Personality and Career Choice

But that does not appeal to all real estate agents or their clients. In fact, real estate salesperson Jeff Miller told us in his “Day in the Life” interview that anyone can be in real estate because clients want to work with someone that matches their own personality!

If someone who is introverted, likes to take things slow, and is very self-reflective walks into a real estate office, they would likely be turned off by the stereotypical real estate agent mentioned above. Instead, they would want an agent who is understanding, possibly also introverted, who can work at a slower pace, and acts less like a businessperson and more like a friend.

In this example, if introverts chose not to be real estate agents because their personality type said it was not a good fit, this client would not have found a suitable representative in the market. More importantly, if an introvert WANTED to be a realtor because they had a passion for creating a sense of “home” or wanted to use their research skills in a local way or were inspired by the career of a previous real estate agent, those test results should not hold them back. By augmenting their personality type with their own desires, they could come up with a better career choice.

Don't pick a career based on your personality type

There is a caveat

Your personality type does still show whether a job is a good fit in terms of whether certain work will cause you stress or bring similar negative outcomes. You still need to address this when choosing a career. However, it is not as hard it may seem regardless of the career you want. Focus on the positives that you bring to a career and make that what you are known for. Then find a job that fits or adapt one to your personality.

Make your career fit your personality type

From the real estate agent example, you can choose to specialize in a clientele that works well with your personality type.

Want to be a teacher but are not a fan of kids or are generally introverted? If you can handle being extroverted for the 8 hours school day, great! If not, consider teaching online courses or corporate courses instead. These tend to have shorter periods of interaction and in some cases, fewer students.

Can your personality type tell you what career is for you?

Like programming but are super social? Organize hackathons, teach programming, or become a freelance programmer. Each of these options will allow you to continue programming while increasing the amount of interaction you have each day.

Career ideas that come from personality types are not 100% accurate. You need to think for yourself to find the right career.

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