My career as an Audiologist with Karine Bossé

My Career as an Audiologist with Karine Bossé

An Interview with an Audiologist Karine Bossé, Audiologist and Business Owner, Echo Audiology, Ottawa, Ontario Karine Bossé had already decided by her teenage years that a career in either Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology was a good fit for her. Her undergrad helped her decide on Audiology. She worked for about 6 years in the field […]

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Day in the Life of a Mobile Optician

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Optician with Sylvie Demers

         An Interview with a Mobile Optician Sylvie Demers, Registered Optician, Mobile Optician Services d’Opticien Mobile Ottawa, Ontario Over 20 years ago, Sylvie Demers walked into an optical store to apply for a job. She was hired on the spot and quickly moved up the ladder to become an eyewear consultant. When she first […]

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Daniel Sigouin - My life as the owner of a franchise

My Career as a Franchisee with Daniel Sigouin

An Interview with the Owner of a Franchise Daniel Sigouin Owner of The UPS Store Orléans (Franchisee) President of Groupe Mitesco Group Inc. Daniel Sigouin has dedicated his career to helping small businesses. From getting a degree in Business Administration, to providing consultation services, to owning The UPS Store Orléans, each of his roles has […]

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Empathy in healthcare - how to maintain your empathy

My Career as a Dental Hygienist with Vanessa Gomez

An Interview with a Dental Hygienist Vanessa Gomez, Registered Dental Hygienist, Holistic Hygiene Dental Services, Ottawa, Ontario Growing up, Vanessa Gomez was drawn to medical careers where she could help others. At the age of 15, she realized that she would need 8 or more years of post-secondary school to be a doctor or similar […]

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My Career as a Pilates Teacher with Jacqueline Ethier

A Day in the Life of a Pilates Teacher Jacqueline Ethier, PMA®-CPT Certified Pilates Teacher, Pilates Space Co-Owner & Studio Director, Fletcher Faculty, Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study When you hear Jacqueline Ethier speak about running a business and teaching Pilates, you quickly realize she truly respects and cares for the clients who come to her […]

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Day in the Life of a Chef - Share Your Career

My Career as a Chef with Ilya Dyagilev

An Interview with a Head Chef Chef Ilya Dyagilev Head Chef La Roma Restaurant Ottawa The restaurant world can be a cruel place. When Chef Ilya Dyagilev graduated in 2007 from a Culinary Arts program, he jumped right into that world. He had to make some changes, some sacrifices, and some compromises but he made […]

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How to start your career network as a student - Career Networking for Youth

My Career as a Real Estate Broker with Christine Bussieres

An Interview with a Real Estate Broker Christine Bussieres, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Affiliates / BGM Real Estate Team Christine Bussieres grew up in a sales and service environment. Her father was a Ski-doo dealer and he also did housing construction during the summers. When it came time to decide on a career, Christine wanted […]

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A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer with Erika Cuccaro

My Career as a Writer with Erika Cuccaro

An Interview with a Writer Erika Cuccaro, Owner/Writer/Editor, James Street Writing Company When Erika Cuccaro was considering her career options, she didn’t think her love of writing could make her a living. Instead, she pursued a degree in psychology and began her career in administration within the government. Of course, a passion for writing cannot […]

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Communication is key for ensuring you give clients the best care

My Career as a Chiropractor with Dr. Randi-Lee Joy

An Interview with a Chiropractor Dr. Randi-Lee Joy, Chiropractor, The Massage and Treatment Clinic Dr. Randi-Lee Joy has always been interested in the human body, working with her hands, and helping people. In high school, she saw the work of a Chiropractor and realized it was a combination of her interests in one career. With […]

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