Volunteer abroad to get job experience

How to get job experience: 5 ways to stand out

Are you tired of seeing job ads that ask for 30 years experience when it is an entry-level job? We are too but unfortunately, we cannot control what companies write as their requirements. However, we can help you figure out how to get job experience when you are starting out in a career. Get Job […]

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Volunteering and mental health: There are a lot of benefits to volunteering in terms of both your career and your health

9 Sources of Career Inspiration across Social Media

If you are here, that means you are looking for some career inspiration. While we could say “Follow Share Your Career” to get that inspiration you are looking for, we will not. Instead, we are going to share some of our favourite¬†sources of career inspiration from across social media. So browse our favourites by your […]

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Feast or famine careers: not all jobs come with a steady paycheque

Feast or Famine: Careers without steady paycheques

When we think of a job and the paycheques that come with it, what comes to mind is bi-weekly cheques giving us money for the time we have put in at work. Then we use that money towards budgeted expenses like bills, taxes, food, rent, and even some unplanned expenses like shopping. However, this picture […]

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Volunteering is one of the best things for your career. One reason is the networking!

Volunteering: The best thing for your career

Volunteering is one of the best things you can do for your career. Volunteers gain a variety of benefits from every position they take on including learning new skills, improving upon existing skills, gaining network opportunities, and decreasing stress levels. In this article, we explore how volunteering not only benefits those you help but you […]

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Consultancy 101: Why choose consulting

9 Consultants tell us WHY they chose this path

Sometimes it can be hard to understand why people choose the career path they are on. This is particularly true when people choose careers that are not a typical 9-to-5. Consultants are one of those jobs. With a highly competitive job market, an entrepreneurial vibe, and flexible definition, consultancy is a career that is both […]

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Be confident, Be curious, Be a consultant

5 Common Traits of Great Consultants

So you want to be a consultant? That‚Äôs awesome! The next question is why? People give several reasons for entering this field. Freedom, independence, no office drama, big and/or quick money, variety, change, and the list goes on. The good news is most of those options are valid. The not-so-good news is not everyone is […]

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Where do consultants work?

The Consultancy Market: What you need to know

Just as there are many types of consultancy you can specialize in, there are also many work arrangements available to consultants. The consultancy market is competitive and dynamic space that offers a rewarding profession to those who join the ranks. But before you can get to work as a consultant, you have to decide where […]

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