9 Sources of Career Inspiration across Social Media

If you are here, that means you are looking for some career inspiration. While we could say “Follow Share Your Career” to get that inspiration you are looking for, we will not. Instead, we are going to share some of our favourite sources of career inspiration from across social media.

So browse our favourites by your preferred social media channel, follow the accounts that interest you the most, and enjoy your new found inspiration. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Temporary Panic is not afraid to question popular advice like “Everyone should have a side hustle.” Let’s face it, hustles can be a lot of trouble and are not right for everyone. Definitely, follow them if you want quality career guidance and fun pictures in your feed.



True Calling has an Instagram feed full of people sharing their career stories. From special effects makeup artists to raptor biologists, True Calling has asked some of the hard questions like “What is your purpose in life?” so that you can really get inspired! If you are still struggling for career ideas, follow them now.


Part of the reason we love Pop Your Career is the literal pop of colour it adds to our Instagram feed. With bright backgrounds and quick career tips, you will not even realize that you are learning as you scroll. Check them out if you want to brighten your feed or learn something in less than 10 seconds.


Careers and Personal Finance by Khan Academy 

The team at Khan Academy is working to provide more career inspiration and financial insight to young people through their platform and YouTube channel. They interview people about their job, their salary, and their budgeting habits. It is like learning how to be an adult from a group of mentors from all kinds of fields. Subscribe to their channel for on-going career inspiration from the financial perspective.



Ted Talks have been around for years now and are the gold standard for professional development in all areas, careers included. A quick search of their YouTube channel for careers reveals a seemingly never-ending list of talks from how to find career ideas, to how to change careers when you feel stuck or lost, and how to find success in your career. You would do well to watch any of their videos!


Work It Daily 

While Work It Daily is on other platforms as well, Facebook is where they really shine! Lot’s of informational videos, quick tips, and daily challenges dominate their page. If you need more inspiration to make little improvements to your work life or career, like their page!

The Muse 

This is another group that excels on Facebook! The Muse aims to help people no matter where they are on their career journey. With live video chats, career stories, and work tips, there is always something interesting to read or watch on their page. Hop on their next “Ask a Career Coach” live stream to get fully immersed in what they do.



Okay, this one is for all your meme lovers out there. CareerBuilder is oriented towards those starting their careers (or trying to figure out what career to start). They not only provide great advice but hilarious memes about work-life on their feed. If you want to add some laughs to your day while still learning something, we recommend you follow CareerBuilder.

Career Catalysts of Central Alberta 

While the name makes it sound like you need to be an Albertan (or at least a Canadian) to benefit from Career Catalysts, that is NOT the case! Their feed is full of helpful advice and career inspiration with a focus on being real. For instance, “Not all grads know what they want to do – and that’s okay” is one article they shared. Want more like that? Follow!

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