At Share Your Career, we showcase jobs from construction to CEO with in-depth interviews, Q&As, and videos to show what those jobs are really like so YOU can make more informed career decisions.

How it works

Beyond the Job Description

Skip the generic career information. At Share Your Career, you will have access to interviews, Q&A sessions, and day in the life videos with employees who are in careers that interest you. Go beyond the job description and see what their day is really like, what they wear, whether they work overtime, how they got to where they are, and so much more.

Behind the Screen
Emily Udell started Share Your Career because she knows how hard it is to learn about career options. After struggling for career ideas and a few false starts, she became a statistician, a career path she enjoyed but lacked a passion for. Now she has found her passion, helping others find their dream career.
Building a Community
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“I started Share Your Career so people could learn about careers they otherwise would not know about. Choosing a career path is a huge step in a person’s life, and they need real information to make an informed decision. What better way than to have people share what they do?”

-Emily Udell, Founder and Career Advocate

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